About Raphael Thomas

Many people call him different things. He is so many things to different people. To some, he is simply a gentleman. To another, he is just an IT professional. To yet another, he is a pastor *winks*. To another, a friend indeed, To another, a dependable, loving and indispensable friend. To another, just a regular guy. The list is endless!



Raphael Thomas, is also referred to as Raphth, is a lover of God, a Christian who believes in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. To some, he is a pastor specially due to his love for God and the grace upon his life which enables him to dissect the Word of truth. His passion and drive for spirituality as well as empowerment, training and development propelled him to set up IT 4 Christ, a forum which tries to balance professionalism with spirituality, thus creating an enabling platform for training and development in all facets of life. You can check out IT 4 Christ.

On a professional stand point, he is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the renowned Yaba College of Technology. He has a soft spot for technology – Web development in particular. Over the years, he has worked on various IT/Web projects and involved in various trainings in the sector. He has worked as an IT consultant, project team member, project team lead, mjaorly in web related projects.

Raphael Thomas currently serve as a team member at TechnicollIT, a firm of IT professionals who proffers solutions  in the IT sector. They also publish articles on news, reviews, trends and up-to-date reports of events as it relates to technology. These publication convers fields like mobile, gaming, operating systems, software, hardware,  services, AI, web, etc. Raphael Thomas is particulary interested in web development and describes himself as a “web enthusiast”.

Raphael Thomas has an unsung love for writing. He had over the years developed interest for writing, but never gave enough time to develop it. He’d want to argue that he can write better than he can speak. But again, writing has been an uncultivated aspect of his life.

However, he sometimes finds out time to write; specifically, he writes about inspirational messages from the Word of God (Bible) and also on Information Technology matters. He has since documented a handful of articles on the above subjects, many of which are unpublished. The Blog focuses on writings as it relates to the scriptures, with a little bias for Technology matter, while most of his Technology writings are found on TechnicollIT.

Other aspects of Raphael Thomas are; he is a motivator, an inspirational and faithful friend, a confidant, a strategist, an enigmatic fellow and a “natural born” Administrator. His administrative abilities is second to none, making him a pivotal part of several project execution. He do always want to motivate people to become better persons and love to be a part of the success story of others. A lot of people can attest to this aspect of him.

In a wrap, you’d love to meet Raphael Thomas.


3 Responses to About Raphael Thomas

  1. On my own point of view, the best guy i ever met.


  2. Chidinma says:

    Hmmmmmmm. My motivator and my true friend


  3. Chidinma says:

    My motivator,my best friend


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